Monday, June 20, 2011

Third Best

As I hung up the phone moments ago DJ Dales segue was  "now for the other half of the mother daughter team". I had just pitched one of our new listings and now it was Emilys turn to pitch another one.

Emily is a teacher without a teaching job. A really good teacher in a not so good economy. So with a bit of encouragement from her realtor mother she got her real estate license. Call it plan B. And those of use with more than a few decades behind us, and the young who will listen to us,  have learned that sometimes plan B or C or even D are not to be missed. As my nephew Sam recently spoke about in his Valdictory graduation speech he is thankful for his failures as they led him to where he is today.

Emily is my buddy. My youngest. The only child to stick around her hometown. Most that know her (even her siblings)  would agree that she is simply one of the most delightful people you care to know.

The funny thing is that real estate is not plan A for either of us.  It is definately B or C.  She is a teacher without a job, a coach without a team. I am a mom whose kids grew up and a wife whose husband now needs me to share the financial responsibility.

The two greatest blessings in my life are my marriage and the children born to that marriage. I was a child in my twenties when these gifts were given. In hindesite I see how amazing it is that we as well intentioned but immature people we have managed to hang on to the goodness of our marriage and not fall prey to the distruction of the pain of it. Likewise how we managed to parent while still in the unconsiousness and baggage of our youth and raise four children of sound character who love each other, the Lord and us, is nothing short of amazing. Grace.

As I see it, at this moment in my life, my third greatest blessing is the partnership between Emily and I. Grace yes, but in this case consciousness as well. A Thomas Merton fan, he has shaped my decision to yield to the Divine. To know that knowing best isn't everything. That my ego is often the biggest road block to the greater good. That " In order to become myself I must cease to be what I always thought I wanted to be, and in order to find myelf I must go out of myself, and in order to live I have to die". T. Merton.

Emily and I work together. Everyday. She is, as they say, "hungry". And she is good. She interacts with clients as if she has done this her whole life. She attributes her success to me and I attribute mine to her. Each time a seller or buyer comes to us we say to each other "feel free to take this one yourself, please don't feel you have to share". but we want to. We like working together. In spite of spliting all of our proceeds I have never had more business and never made more money that I have this year. It seems we are greater than the sum of our parts.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  I am learning how little I know. How the One that created me knows me best, and how failure and disapointment can be simply a segue to a greater good. Like  honestly saying I LOVE my job! Here is to failures, plans B or C, and the third best things in life!  Like Dales segue "now for the other half of the mother daughter team". .........

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