Friday, June 8, 2012

Knowing Best

Okay FINE we will look at the Collie Mix puppies.
( the” okay fine” very much like the “ okay fine I’ll play soccer” said by our 4 year old future two time state champ)

Not the Lab or Golden we wanted

But knowing best isn’t everything. 

After “Nutcracker” we three family delegates stopped.

Just to see.

The forlorn mother and her twelve

Last and least of the twelve, our future Franklin ate from our hands.

(grateful for whatever was left after the eleven had theirs)

And the last was again first. Our love match was found.

And lasted almost twelve years.

Forever actually.

What a life those twelve years held.

His family grew up.  

And left.

Left us with memories to last a lifetime.

But Franklin stayed.  And shared our new silence.  And howled wildly when they came back. The very best part of the coming homes.

But now he too leaves.

So we will learn to walk alone, in so many ways.

Not so fine. But okay,

Farewell Franklin, our faithful friend.


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