Monday, August 29, 2011

Know Your Slippers

 On Sunday afternoon I took in "Hildegard Without Walls " event in Lincoln. A number of local houses of worship were open and their members turned docents shared their spiritual, architectual, and historic stories. Stained glass and Torahs, organs and wheelchairs. And what, by the way does it say about Lincoln that two local women put together this project (year long series) as simply their labor of love and that Lincolnites flock to it?

Sunday evening brought a shower to kick off wedding season for my dear friends daughter. The beauty and hope of young love.

On Saturday afternoon Paul put on his handyman hat and scraped and painted our window sashes along with mowing and a "few" other honey do's.

Caleb tackeled the bright red basement bath and more notably the wallpaper boarder.  Now I have my beautiful, or at least basic beige, bathroom that I have been longing for.

Emily and I took in the farmers market with all things good. Local produce ( corn, greens, honey and an heirloom tomato or two), strains of Mozart or Don McClain on every corner,  coffee from the Mill, old friends to greet ( and make promises to get together soon) . We cut that short to scoot off to a listing appointment.... .not ready to sell yet but a delightful aquaintance made.

 We girls threw together a lunch feast from the bounty of the market and our garden. We filled the grill with pizzas  loaded with all sorts of yummy freshed picked things, corn on the cob and sat down to savor.

During all this painting, scaping and mowing I had another agenda. My book, on the deck, dabbled sunlight, gentle breeze, 83 degrees..Yessss
Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese charachter Gosh tells a tale of a merchant who trys to no avail to dispose of his cursed slippers.
 "In order to start to get rid of your slippers, you have to admit they are yours"..

 Emily napped, Paul scraped, Caleb painted, Christian at his desk in D.C., Anna and JohnMarshall doing their Saturday in Dallas, Kate making last minute preperations before todays start of school, and I read.

My family, my own muddled self, my friends, my town, my aquaintances old and new, all quite imperfect ( to say the least...but that's for another day). But we work, we love, we share, we seek, we create, we savor and we share the joys and the pains. These are my slippers. I know them well. And they fit me quite well.

"The key to your happiness is to own your own slippers, own who you are, own how you look, own your family, own the talents you have, and own the ones you don't."

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  1. checklist:
    own who I am? hmmmm, 99.9%
    own how I look? 89% :P
    own my family 100% (blood or in-laws? my reservations make this >100% doesnt it??
    own talents I have 99% (less than "who I am," must be the smattering (or more!)of my imperfections)
    own the talents I dont wow. I contemplate a LOT about how I can improve on 1)who I am, 2)how I look? 3)my reservations about my family relationships, and 4)hoping I am not called upon to explore too much beyond my talent/comfort zone. Maybe that simply means I accept far too much talent I DONT have, and I need an adjustment to owning what talents I DO have.. but .. I havent been pressed lately to travel forth in fear, in hopelessness, or without small comforts of charity (from Above!)